Compound Set Workouts You Must Try

A compound set is when you do two exercises for a body part, but you do the exercises back to back and then you take a rest before doing the exercises again. Below are some bodybuilder workouts you can try if you need to shake things up, and each workout involves compound sets.

1. Legs
This leg workout involves doing three compound sets in total for each pair of exercises you do. You’ll do squats and leg presses back to back, and then you’ll do leg extensions and forward lunges. The last two exercises you’ll do together are leg curls and stiff-leg deadlifts. After you complete your workout, you can train your calves.

In short, you’ll be doing:

. 3 compound sets of squats/leg presses
. 3 compound sets of leg extensions/forward lunges
. 3 compound sets of leg curls/stiff-leg deadlifts
. Use Moderate weight/do 10-12 reps per exercise
. Do calves after completing your compound set workout

If you’re looking for an intense bodybuilding workout routine you can follow, then give the above workouts a try. Stick with each workout for a few weeks and you’ll start feeling and looking different in no time.

2. Chest Workout
The first two exercises you’ll do is the barbell bench press and the incline barbell bench press. Perform four compound sets in total. After that, you’ll do dumbbell flyes on a flat bench, followed by incline dumbbell flyes. This time around you’ll do three compound sets in total.

In short, this workout involves:

. Barbell bench press/incline barbell bench press/4 compound sets
. Dumbbell flyes/incline dumbbell flyes/3 compound sets

The number of reps you will do is up to you, but you should use moderate weight and stick in the range of 10-12 reps per exercise.

3. Shoulders Workout
Start off by doing shoulder presses with a barbell and then do shoulder presses with dumbbells. The other two exercises you’ll do are front raises with dumbbells and lateral raises. The last two exercises you’ll do are side raises with dumbbells and rear-delt rows. Before moving on and doing another pair of exercises, you will do three compound sets in total. For example, you’ll do three compound sets with barbell/dumbbell shoulder presses and then you’ll move on to the next pair of exercises.

To summarize the above workout:

. Barbell shoulder press/dumbbell shoulder presses/3 compound sets
. Front raises/lateral raises/3 compound sets
. Side raises/rear-delt rows/3 compound sets

Also, do 10-12 reps per exercise and stick with moderate weight.

4. Back Workout
You’ll start off by doing four compound sets with deadlifts/back extensions. After that, the next two exercises you’ll do are barbell rows/machine rows for four compound sets, followed by three compound sets of chin-ups/one-arm dumbbell rows. Perform 10-12 reps of each exercise you do.

In short, the back workout consists of:

. 4 compound sets of deadlifts/back extensions
. 4 compound sets of barbell rows/machine rows
. 3 compound sets of chin-ups/one-arm dumbbell rows
. 10-12 reps per exercise
. Use moderate weight

5. Biceps And Triceps Workout
On the day you train biceps and triceps, you’ll train your biceps first and then you’ll train your triceps. With that said, your biceps workout looks like this:

. Barbell curls/reverse barbell curls/3 compound sets
. Seated machine curls/dumbbell curls/3 compound sets
. Hammer curls/concentration curls//2 compound sets
. 10-12 reps per exercise/use moderate weight

After you have completed your biceps workout, you’ll do the following workout for your triceps:

. Close-grip bench press/dips/3 compound sets
. Triceps push-down/triceps extension with barbell/3 compound sets
. Dumbbell extensions/dumbbell kickbacks/2 compound sets
. 10-12 reps per exercise/use moderate weight

As you can see, you’ll be using moderate weight and doing 10-12 reps per exercise you do in both your biceps and triceps workout.